“Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection in the Work”

Recently, my (Steve) Dad retired from working over 40 years on the railroad. As a kid, I remember the phone ringing in the middle of the night several nights per week and then his truck pulling out of the driveway along with all of the other sacrifices he made to provide for his family. He passed his work ethic and the desire to accomplish to his children, both my sister and I are wired in those similar ways.

We held a retirement party for him and on the way home, I looked at Alisha and said, “You know, I already feel like I’m retired. I get to do what I absolutely love everyday and do it alongside my family.” She wholeheartedly agreed and we’ve been relishing in that realization ever since.

We LOVE Labradors. That capitalization is not exaggerated, we really really LOVE them. They are so much intertwined in our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If we had a million dollars in the bank, you’d still find us doing the exact same thing we’re doing now- Experiencing the love of Labradors and helping other families experience that as well. It’s so rewarding!

It’s also so….much….work…. but it never feels that way. Getting up all hours of the night to check on puppies, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more, training Labs and grooming and bathing them, along with the countless other every day things we do are just so fun to us.

We’re absolutely blessed to be able to be with our dogs all day every day. We worked, saved, planned and dreamed of the day we’d be able to give our Labs the time and love they deserved and we’re finally here!

Being “retired” is a great feeling and we hope all of the MEL’s out there feel the same way about us as we do about them.

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