How to Reserve a Puppy

We have one master deposit list (see below). When a deposit is placed for a puppy with us, you’ll be added to the bottom of the master list for your desired color and gender. Once we receive the deposit, you’ll receive a phone call or email from us to have a conversation to make sure you’re comfortable with us and us with you.

When a litter is born, we contact those on the master list, starting at the top, to see if they would like to reserve a spot to pick out a puppy for that specific litter. If so, they transfer off of the master list and onto that specific litter’s list. If they would like to keep waiting they stay on the master list and we contact the family next in line.

Some people pay their deposit well before they are ready for a puppy so that they move up on the master list as those ahead of them transfer to specific litters as we have them available.

If we still have puppies available once we’ve contacted the entire master deposit list, we advertise them on their specific litter page.

We hope this makes sense! If you have any questions, call Steve at (989) 326-3440 or email and we’d love to help explain it to you!

*See below for our current deposit list. Deposits are non-refundable.
* We always give an extended hip/elbow guarantee and a limited lifetime health guarantee with our puppies- We stand behind the health of our Labs!

*Update- We know this list is long, but we have several litters coming! MANY of the families below are waiting for 2020 for a puppy so with our planned litters, we expect availability by November/December! See our Planned Litters page for all the details.

*Our puppies are $2200

Thank you! We would love for you to experience the love and loyalty of a Michigan Elite Labrador!

Current Deposit List:

Black Males:

  • Chris and Carole J.- Paid Deposit
  • Mary P.- Paid Deposit
  • Mark and Anne S.- Paid Deposit
  • Thomas G.- Paid Deposit
  • Carin A.- Paid Deposit
  • Ashley C.- Paid Deposit
  • Matt W.- Paid Deposit

Black Females:

  • Mark and Madeline L.- Paid Deposit
  • Thomas K.- Paid Deposit
  • Daniel S.- Paid Deposit
  • Brittany M.- Paid Deposit (2nd choice ylw female)
  • Patrick H.- Paid Deposit
  • Eileen L.- Paid Deposit
  • Debbie B.- Paid Deposit

Yellow Males:

  • Don F.- Paid Deposit
  • Shari G.- Paid Deposit
  • Stacy A.- Paid Deposit
  • Ronald S.- Paid Deposit (2nd choice blk male)
  • Jonathan M.- Paid Deposit (2nd choice blk male)

Yellow Females:

  • Michael L.- Paid Deposit (2nd choice blk female)
  • Pam P.- Paid Deposit
  • Kimberly V.- Paid Deposit
  • Tom B.- Paid Deposit (2nd choice ylw male)
  • Sarah G.- Paid Deposit